Closing of Mar Z Pan

Let’s just rip off the band-aid: Mar Z Pan (in its current form) will be closing September 15th. Please bear with me while I explain some more about what’s happening in the short and long term for Mar Z Pan!

My partner and I are moving to Kansas City to be closer with her family. While I am both sad and a little nervous to leave the Bay Area, I know that this is the right move for us now. While there, I intend on attending a pastry school program in the and will likely work at a restaurant or bakery. In the meantime, I plan to continue to bake, learn, and grow to make Mar Z Pan even more delicious and successful. We don’t plan on settling down there for the long term, which brings me to some other information about the future of Mar Z Pan.

Mar Z Pan will close after September 15th, 2019. For those of you in Bread Club, I will be in touch about when that will wrap up. For everyone else, Mar Z Pan will continue taking regular orders until closing. I would recommend getting orders placed ahead of time, since there’s a limited time left. I am also considering holding a few sourdough workshops where folks can learn some basics on sourdough bread-making. I can also share some of my starter, so that a little taste of Mar Z Pan can stay with you! If you’d be interested in that, or if you have other thoughts of things I should do in the rest of my time here, let me know!

In a few years, my partner and I are thinking of moving back to California. It is my dream to eventually open up Mar Z Pan as a full brick and mortar bakery. Maybe I’ll be able to have a location here in Oakland someday. Even during the midwest period where I am not actively running a business, I want Mar Z Pan to still exist as an entity to engage with people in Filipino and Danish communities, and those who just appreciate the food and flavors. So, Mar Z Pan social media will continue to run and I’m considering using the website to blog or share recipes when I can. If you have ideas or requests for online content, also let me know!

I want to end this with an appreciation for all of you. Mar Z Pan came into existence with the help of my friends and my community. When I started it, I thought it might be a complete failure or might never have much of a following outside of people I knew directly. So I’ve been amazed by all the people who’ve come to know (and hopefully love) Mar Z Pan. Whether you’ve just followed on social media, ordered one time or many, found about this through the East Bay Express article, or been a Bread Club subscriber since the beginning, I appreciate you and love you. 

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you can continue to enjoy Mar Z Pan in some capacity or another in the future. 

I will continue to share more info as plans solidify. If you have any questions, thoughts, requests, etc., feel free to email me at


Salamat! Tak!
Marianna Zapanta
Owner & Baker, Mar Z Pan