I’m Marianna Zapanta, the baker and creator of Mar Z Pan. Inspired by the flavors from my Filipino and Danish heritages, I created this home-based bakery to share my unique creations with my friends, family, and community.

From my mom’s side of the family, I grew up with Scandinavian meats and treats like frikadeller (meatballs), æbleskiver (pancake puffs), lingonberries, and rugbrød (rye bread). Every Christmas Eve growing up, we’d enjoy risalamande (rice pudding) and try to pick the serving with the single whole almond in the dish. Whoever found the almond was rewarded with a lucky marzipan-shaped pig. The next day, on Christmas, my family would go to my Grandparent’s house for a Filipino party filled with pancit, lumpia, adobo, rice, and ube.


Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed creating food to share. In high school, my friends and I would make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, after school, gathered in a kitchen, we’d giggle about silly inside jokes or complain about all of our angsty and existential problems. For my 16th birthday party, I had a Food Network themed party, complete with a cake decorating contest and an Iron Chef competition.

In the last few years, baking has grown from a hobby to a creative passion. I’ve challenged myself to learn how to use new flavors and new techniques. I’ve combined these with the flavors from my family, from ube and calamansi to marzipan and rye. It brings me joy to share these creations with the people in my life and I’m happy to be able to share this with more people.


Mar Z Pan is my home-based bakery where I create unique foods ranging from breads to breakfasts to desserts for people to enjoy at home or at their next big event. My kitchen is a place of love and creation, and it is with great excitement that I bring a little bit of my kitchen to you.

Welcome to Mar Z Pan!